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Terms and Conditions for SERVICES of grossekleinewunder e.U.
§1 Scope
These terms and conditions apply to all offers of großkleinewunder e.U. and are as follows:
§2 Registration
Registrations for services are considered in the order of their arrival. Registration for semester courses, workshops and closed courses is only valid if at least one down payment has been made.For so-called “open hours” no registration is necessary.For coaching or family escorts, an appointment must be made.
§3 Course Fee
The applicable course fees and conditions are published on the website and on Facebook (großkleinewunder). The indicated fees include VAT. Agreements deviating from the published conditions must be in writing. The course fee for open hours must be paid in cash before the start of the course. Blocks of 5 or 10 are valid as course cards and are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Cash redemption is not possible The course cards are not transferable. The fees for semester courses and closed courses are to be paid in full by the beginning of the course in cash or by bank transfer. Coaching or family coaching will be charged according to effort / hours and are payable in cash afterwards

§4 Bank account
transfers are to be made exclusively to the following account: easybank, Mag. Petra Etzelstorfer IBAN AT44 1420 0200 1186 6515, BIC EASYATW1

§5 Bonus card

The bonus card can be used for a free hour as a free ticket or as a discount of 10% on a privately booked hour at the option of the bonus cardholder. Cash settlements are not possible. Different discounts, bonuses or discounts can not be combined. The discount, bonus or discount granted to a person can only be redeemed once.

§6 Cancellations

Free cancellation of semester courses, closed courses and workshops is possible up to 14 days before the course starts. If canceled later, a cancellation fee of 50% of the course fee will be charged. The total course fee is due in case of no-show or cancellation during the course. The following cancellation criteria apply to consultation appointments: Free cancellation is possible up to 48 hours before the appointment. In case of a later cancellation a cancellation fee of € 50 is due.Cancellations can only be made in writing (letter, e-mail), whereby the arrival at big small miracles is relevant for the observance of the abovementioned deadlines.

§7 Change of date / course failure

grossekleinewunder reserves the right to change the offers, dates, start times, venues and cancellations. If a semester course, workshop or closed lesson of large miracles does not take place due to illness of the trainer or an unforeseeable event, the participants will be informed promptly and in writing (via email, SMS or WhatsApp), as well as a new appointment. The paid course fees are automatically valid for the replacement date. For the above offers a minimum number of participants of 3 persons applies. If there are no open hours, there is no replacement date.

§8 Exclusion of persons from courses

The course management reserves the right to exclude persons from certain courses or the entire range of services offered by großkleinewunder. For safety reasons, it is not permitted to bring dogs for courses and workshops.
§9 Disclaimer
For personal belongings no liability is accepted. The participation in courses of big small miracles takes place basically on own danger and responsibility, the participants have therefore self-responsibly their health and physical constitution to estimate and the big small miracle and / or the lecturer immediately from any health problems, which in the For financial losses, a liability of small miracles to the extent permitted by law (ie for slight negligence) is excluded. In addition, especially for personal injury, großkleinewunder liable to the extent provided for by law. For courses in which parents participate together with their children, the parent’s duty of supervision remains unrestricted.The participation in lessons, courses or individual family companions do not replace the visit to a doctor , Midwife, psychotherapist or psychologist. The contents of this site were created with great care. Nevertheless no guarantee can be given for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the contents. On the basis of external links on, no responsibility for contents and function is taken over and does not mean a link that big small miracles the view or on the linked Shares opinions.
§10 Visuals

The course participant agrees that any photo and video material created by the organizers or third parties in the courses of großkleinewunder, without restriction for the website, the blog and in social media or for other own advertising purposes may be used. No personal information is published in connection with image and video material.

§11 Data Protection, Advertising
The course participant grants his consent that the personal data disclosed during the registration will be stored and processed by the company in an automated manner. Personal data is handled sensitively in the case of small miracles. The course participant agrees that the personal contact details for advertising purposes will continue to be used by very small miracles (eg: mailings, newsletters, information broadcasts). großkleinewunder undertakes not to disclose the data to third parties.
§12 Copyrights
All texts and contents of the website, scripts, downloads, images, graphics or other documents always remain the intellectual property of großkleinewunder e.U. The customer does not receive any kind of use or exploitation rights of any kind.
§13 Equal Treatment Act
Gender-specific differentiation is not always considered on for easier readability. Corresponding terms apply in the sense of equal treatment for both sexes. “Mama” stands for any caregiver of the child.


§14 Rental of baby carriers, baby slings, slings, babywears, inlays or covers.
An agreement is signed before the rental.
§15 Sale of baby carriers, baby slings, slings, babywears, inlays or covers.
The goods remain until full payment in the property of großkleinewunder.
§16 Price
All prices quoted are, unless otherwise noted, including 20% ​​sales tax
§17 Severability clause
If one of the above provisions due to statutory provisions, regulations or changes in law, wholly or partially ineffective, shall replace this provision, the one in force which comes closest to the intended intention of destiny. All other provisions remain unaffected and continue to apply in full.
§18 Jurisdiction / choice of law
For all disputes concerning offers and services of großkleinewunder the competent court at the seat of großkleinewunder is responsible. It is subject to Austrian law to the exclusion of UN sales law.